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Kalahari Bushmen Exclusive - 3 Days

On the eastern Kalahari’s’ emerges a super natural, breath taking and a highly memorable village with a lovely sunrise and amazing sunset. Situated in great untamed nature of Omaheke region, the bushcamp in the village is meant to expose you to varieties depth of cultures, customs and traditions of the indigenous San people.

From N$ 7850 pp

Understanding of ancient Bushman people is hands on experience through direct exposure of guest in the Wilderness with a culturally established and traditionally operated bush-camp.
Enjoying a unique Kalahari bush, you will stay peacefully in nature for 2 nights. Varieties of accommodations are available, ranging from urban eco-friendly and modern environmental camping sites allowing guest to be directly under the stars, traditional huts with modern environmental friendly shared ablution facilities

From N$ 7850 per person with MINIMUM OF 2 GUEST PER TOUR

Guided through several activities for variety of talks, explanations and demonstrations before being offered the opportunity of employing the skills yourself (with the expert guidance of local San host family, e.g. natural fire making without a lighter). Let your holiday be memorable as you positively contribute towards the Life's of the local people/communities you visit.

Etosha Safari - 3 Days

Our three day Etosha Safari has been designed to give you a quick wildlife snapshot of Namibia’s premier big game location; Etosha National Park. This safari has a guaranteed departure every Wednesday (Accommodated Safari) and Saturday (Camping Safari) with a minimum of two people.

  • From N$ 5200 pp (Camping)
  • From N$ 8570 pp (Accommodated)

Go-Wild Stay-Wild San-Bushmen Kalahari Experience  - 1 Night

We realize that visitors to Namibia are usually short on time but still want to experience local life and culture, sights and sounds which our bush has to offer. For those who are short on time the 24hrs/1 night San experience is an interesting offer, as you will experience hands-on one of the oldest tradition and cultural practices in southern Africa of the Kalahari San and other Communities. This truly is a very unique and unforgettable Namibian adventure.

From N$ 4780 pp (Bush Camp) or N$ 1800 (self-drive camping) is a product of Uakii Wilderness Survival

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