Projects in Gobabis

In this section we are presenting projects in and around Gobabis and we offer the possibility to help people from our community. Are you prepared to help in anyway you can and thus positively contribute to the lives of the local communities, schools in Omaheke Region at large than please contact us.

Let your contribution make sense to you and the communities and children involved. As human beings, we all have a part to play in helping others and most of us wish to do more to help the less advantaged, but do not know how and where to start. Its is against this background that Life Changing Projects was born, to provide a platform for individuals to assist others while also creating a culture of giving, helping and sharing among all cultures.

Life changing projects in Gobabis

Most often a time we see people who cannot afford to buy even their basic human needs, let alone support their households. And this is an initiative involving all age groups, those who care for others who are in need and want to make a positive contribution or donations in many ways.

The Life Changing Project is seeking to support and empower local communities and youth living on the streets too. Life Changing Projects is and plays a unique role in the development of Namibia’s Children/Communities/Schools in Gobabis and Omaheke Region at large. To us all this programmes or support respect the individuality and spirituality of each human being, are and must be offered without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, ethnicity, or religion. The Life Changing Projects is an initiative of both and Uakii Wilderness base in the eastern town of Gobabis and thus will mainly focus on life changing projects in Gobabis and Omaheke Region at large.

Life Changing Projects seek support for:

  • Food Security in a form of a soup kitchen – at least 2 meals per day
  • Winter/Summer Items: Clothing, Blankets, Shoes
  • Support of painting class rooms in rural schools
  • Donations of reading and writing books, pen, pencils and so on
  • Building of children playing grounds
  • Teaching and introducing computer skills or training
  • Offering love and support to children who otherwise would not receive any
  • Funding to assist communities in marketing their local product like craft
  • Materials for community vegetable garden project
  • Donation of school fees for needy ones in schools

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